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Solarbatt 350AH 1.2V Battery
code: BATT-2T350

Battery Model:Batt-2T350
Nominal Capacity:350Ah
Nominal Voltage:1.2V
Recommended Discharge Duration:t≥3h
Working Temperature:-40℃~+60℃

The Solarbatt 2T battery range is specially designed for Solar PV and renewable energy applications, in particular those located in harsh environments such as Australia.

The range has many advantages such as low operational cost, low self-discharge, high cycle life and is environmentally friendly (easily recyclable).

In addition to this the batteries can withstand deep discharge, wide operating temperatures and most importantly will provide reliable performance over a long period of time.

The Solarbatt 2T range is capable of lasting longer than 20 years if operated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and are properly maintained.

Recommended applications include:
• Solar farms
• Small to large scale off-grid systems
• Rural hybrid systems (Grid connect with battery backup)
• Peak shaving

Sizes:138*276*450mm - 22kg

Download: Batt-2T350 Specification Sheet     Batt-2T350 Specification Sheet

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